Into the Swirling Vortex

January 12, 2011


So here is this Vortex of becoming – a Vortex that contains all of the requests, all of the amended requests – each and every detail of each and every asking that has emanated from you – and the Law of Attraction is responding to that. Envision this swirling, swirling, swirling Vortex and the power of attraction that is amassed as the Law of Attraction responds to this pure, nonresisted, focused desire. The Vortex is literally drawing in all things necessary for the completion of every request it contains. All cooperative components are being summoned and are coming for the completion of these creations, for the answering of these questions, for the solutions to these problems.

— Abraham


When you ALLOW, you FEEL THE ECSTASY of energy moving through you.
Then you are on the path you’ve intended for this life. – Abraham-Hicks ~ Gaithersburg, MD 10-21-00